Health Happy Stockport

Good health and wellbeing can make a real difference to your quality of life, whoever you are, whatever your background. Having fun and keeping well, with opportunities to contribute to your local community are all important in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Stockport is committed to services and activities that promote healthy lifestyles and aim to increase choice and independence for everyone. The following information to Stockport’s Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy has been developed in partnership with local residents, community organisations and health and social care services working in Stockport. The full strategy sets out the shared priorities for improving health and wellbeing in Stockport over the next three years and can be viewed online at

Children and families

All children and young people should have the opportunity to…

*Have a healthy start in life

*Be safe from harm

*Grow up to be confident in themselves and feel good about themselves

*Learn about good health and wellbeing

*Enjoy and do well at school

Leisure, activity and healthy weight

By working together we can make sure everyone at any age…

Has the opportunity to have fun and be active

Can enjoy walking and the outdoors

Can eat healthily on a budget

Has the chance to grow, buy and cook healthy food

Mental wellbeing

Make time and space to…

Be yourself

Turn to other people for support when you need it

Talk to friends and family

Get involved and connect with others


Understand how alcohol affects our health and wellbeing…

Cut back if you drink a lot of alcohol

Find other ways to unwind and relieve stress

Believe that you can change, with help if you need it

Prevention and maximising independence for everyone

We all need the opportunity to build a healthy, happy and independent life…

Know what keeps you well

Support people who are caring for others

Know your own body, do regular self-checks

Increase choice and control for people with disabilities

Attend your health checks and screening appointments

Use preventative health,social care and support services in the community

Don’t miss out on immunisations and vaccinations

Offer a real choice of housing and support

Healthy ageing and quality of life

Respect each other regardless of age…

Value the role and experience of older people

Be a good friend and neighbour and look out for each other, especially people living alone

Support local communities to provide more social opportunities and networks

*Help everyone to feel safe and well moat home and in the community

For more information:

Stockport Council- information and advice about social care, including getting support

01612176029- adults 01612176028- children

Health- information on health conditions, treatments and local services

FLAG- information, advice and support with health and social care issues


Healthwatch Stockport- have your say in improving health and social care services


If you would like the above information in large print, braille, audio format or in another language contact 01614744614 or email