Monitored Tablet System

If you have lots of different medicines to take, or help someone who does, it can be difficult to remember which to take when, and which have already been taken.

This is where Stockport Pharmacy can step in to help.

We can offer a range of services to help make it easier for you, from reminder charts to large print labels to Monitored Tablet Systems, where we provide your medicines in pre-packed trays that state what day and time your medicines should be taken (in accordance with your Doctor’s instructions).

Stockport Pharmacy’s Monitored Tablet Systems has many benefits for both care homes and residents:

  • All medicines are packed into separate packs, allowing the resident to retain the freedom to take their own medication
  • Medicines are placed in separate compartments allowing the patient to be given the correct medicine and dose at the correct time
  • The speed of the drug round is increased, which means that the carers have more time to do what they are best at – caring for the resident
  • The system comes with all the paperwork necessary to ensure that clear audit trails are available to prove that the home is operating to the highest government standards
  • MTS comes with the back up of our fully trained staff here at Stockport Pharmacy